Why Do Students Resort to Essay Writing Services?

In this article, we will show you the harsh truth of why students have to order their pieces of writing from online services. Custom-Essays-Online.com manager will provide some facts on behalf of our company. Our services have been on the rise for the last 10 years and the number of returning clients grows day by day. Usually people think that students with poor mental abilities resort to such services, which is actually not true. Probably you will be astonished to know that our clients are both students who are reluctant to work on their home assignments and do not even want to try writing simple essays on their own, but the biggest part takes clever students who simply do not have time to handle their assignments.


Undoubtedly, most of students want to join Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Berkeley, and other well-known universities all over the world. People tend to think that their students have to work more in comparison to the ones studying in all other education institutions. Education there and all study curriculums are indeed more sophisticated and complex, which is probably the reason why students do not want to suffer failure. They have done a too long path towards entry and simply cannot fail. In many home assignments, students are given too difficult topics or questions and have nobody to assist. The situation even worsens for ESL students who are not able to complete an error-free paper and find it very challenging to get good grades. Since they do not have proper writing skills, they have to use online writing services to survive and submit plagiarism-free content.


Why Writing Help Is So Much Requested?

If to resort to some statistics, New York, California, and Texas are among the most
active” states where writing services have become increasingly popular. Their universities have introduced complex and competitive study systems that make students’ life unbearable. Modern students simply cannot successfully graduate if they do not find other ways of dealing with multiple home assignments because the good old school of doing everything on your own became a far-fetched idea since students will need more than 24 hours per day only on professors’ tasks, which is not possible. Moreover, it is hard to produce good academic content and fresh ideas since topics have been explored by many students before and are placed in Turnitin, which usually shows a high similarity index. Therefore, online writing company like Custom-Essay-Online.com provides reliable support for students who would like to become successful graduates one day.


Students using online writing services usually order essays, term papers, coursework, lab reports, and many other pieces of writing. Professors usually ask students to write multiple essays simultaneously in different subjects, which complicates the situation since students have to switch from one topic to another and can present a mix of ideas in a single paper. Usually students order papers in such classes: Management, Business and Administration, Math, etc.


Students have no other option than to use the essay writing service in reaction to all those struggles that their universities expose them to. For sure, all educational establishments will claim the same: buying pieces of writing is plagiarism. However, how it can be considered as plagiarism if online writing services produce genuine content and authentic ideas since only competent and skillful writers are assigned to orders. Writers working in the online industry are obliged to produce fresh and authentic ideas, properly cited if they were borrowed from the outside sources. When students purchase papers from Custom-Essays-Online.com, they have all rights to use the product according to their wishes. They can use it as the basis for their own paper (sample papers) or submit them as they are. Some teachers can claim that students did not write such papers on their own, but how can they prove it? It is simply impossible because online writing services are confidential. Educational system proves to be an autonomous industry that introduces its own rules for players. More international students are accepted by colleges and universities, though they are not able to compete against native speakers producing elaborate content in each paper. The absence of effective and reliable support makes students find other ways of coping with academic challenges.


International students, part-employed students, students with families are usually on the list of essay purchasers. Moreover, life is too unpredictable and you never know what challenges you will have to overcome tomorrow. All these influence the way students deal with their home assignments and if one faces numerous family issues, there is no way he or she can produce a decent paper. It does not mean that students are lazy or weak. It presumes that life imposes more challenges on their lives in comparison to others, which is not fair.

Ethics and Morale?

Students hear from professors that it is cheating to resort to any kind of outside writing support other than their own. However, not all professors provide answers to all your questions during office hours and simply claim that students have to arrive at a conclusion on their own. What kind of ethics is it? Students do not get enough support from their teachers and professors, so how they are supposed to handle complex writing tasks? The aspect of ethics and morale cannot be applied here.

All industries require properly developed writing skills and if you strive to get a well-paid job with fruitful career opportunities, one has to pay special attention to this aspect. If you do not get enough knowledge of how to write essays and other tasks, Custom-Essays-Online.com will always help. Students outsource their home assignments to our writers, which gives them a chance to see how the real writing looks like. Nobody makes the decision for you. Each student has to choose his/her own way of how to deal with such writing issues. For sure, you can attend a great deal programs and training sessions to develop your writing abilities, but they require too much time, but you will still have to attend lectures and produce essays. Therefore, we encourage you to make the right decision if to use the essay writing service or not.